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What is MEDTING?

MEDTING is a web platform for medical professionals over the world to share medical images and videos and build clinical cases. MEDTING is a best tool for a physician for sharing images, videos and discuss them with a large community of physicians.

Why MEDTING and why should I use it?

To benefit the healthcare community, MEDTING will promot the following ideas and concepts:
  • Promote communication and telemedicine through the exchange of information and collaboration
  • By using MEDTING, doctors can share their cases, opinions and comments at an user-friendly platform with their colleagues with no boundaries across nations and continents.
  • Facilitate e research and education by providing a tool that can store images and videos
  • Help families understand better about medical cases by providing information
  • Allows private Collaboration Groups online and Enterprise can also create Scientific Social Collaboration Networks

Is MEDTING free to use?

Yes, MEDTING is a no cost service where any internet user can search and review for medical images, videos and clinical cases.

How is the medical content controlled? (Content Authority)

All medical information presented in the site is attributed to a registered author accredited with a public profile. Each case or images has the author information with a link to medical professional information (specialty, etc.).

The content is managed by the MEDTING community itself also. One of the potentials of the web 2.0 is that the social community itself rates for the most relevant information. MEDTING allows every registered user to vote (value) a clinical case and comment on each case.

Also, the platform has an option to Report a case as: Inappropriate material, Privacy violation, technically inaccurate, others. Any registered user can Report a case and the Clinical Committee reviews such case, make it non public and contact the user to solve the potential problem.

Who can update and insert cases and images?

ONLY registered doctors can create, modify cases, images and videos. Registration process is controlled, so only doctors will be allowed to get registered into MEDTING and provide content. Basic registration service is free of cost.

What are “Cases” and “Media”?

Information in MEDTING repository is organized in two ways:
  • Cases: It is a proper medical case with a main description and associated images or videos. Cases can be rated, commented and shared among users. A Case has a group of images or videos and associated tags.
  • Media: Uploaded images and videos can be reviewed independently as an image or a video apart from case. Images and videos have associated tags that define them. They can also be shared, rated and commented.

So what is the difference between a Case and an Media object?

A clinical case in MEDTING is real medical case, with the same traditional scientific content but a nice structure: definition, tags and images. Users may want to post a case to get an opinion for other colleagues or to show and interesting case or procedure or even video of a new surgery type.

The Media is the space where medical media content can be found. Here independent videos, medical images, ECG’s and some other content can be uploaded, categorized with tags, voted and commented. Images in the Media can be associated with a clinical case or be independent.

A Case can be Closed or Draft; what’s the difference?

A case can be closed by the user when he/she is satisfied with the comments and opinions from other colleagues.

A case is in the draft state when the case preparation is in the process. The case is not yet ready for the others to view, rate or comment.

What kind and format of images and videos can I upload?

MEDTING accepts mostly of the standard formats of Images and Videos. Use the Upload space in the MDbox (only for registered users) or the Widget to upload content.

What are Keywords (tags)?

Keywords and Tags are structured words that identify a case or an image. Tags are useful for search and referrals. The more tags you put to describe your case or media object (image, video) the easier will be found by other users.

Keywords are defined by using SNOMED CT Terminology, an international standardized medical terminology.

Keywords are multilingual, so information can be independently managed and searched in the all the languages that MEDTING supports

What is SNOMED CT®? And why is used?

SNOMED CT® (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine — Clinical Terms), is a systematically organized computer processable collection of medical terminology covering most areas of clinical information such as diseases, findings, procedures, microorganisms, pharmaceuticals etc. It allows a consistent way to index, store, retrieve, and aggregate clinical data across specialties and sites of care. It also helps organizing the content of medical records, reducing the variability in the way data is captured, encoded and used for clinical care of patients and research.

Physicians and organizations use different clinical terms with same meaning. For example, the terms heart attack, myocardial infarction, and MI may mean the same to a cardiologist, but, to a computer, they are all different. There is a need to exchange clinical information consistently between different health care providers, care settings, researchers and others (semantic interoperability),and because medical information is recorded differently from place to place (on paper or electronically), a comprehensive, unified medical terminology system is needed as part of the information infrastructure. SNOMED CT® also allows multilingual support and automatic translation of medical terms. That’s why the MEDTING content is based and structured with SNOMED CT®.

Images, videos and clinical cases organized under a SNOMED CT® terminology are a really powerful tool for clinical collaboration. This will allow users to search through the repository quickly by typing a keywords that relates to the case.

Why not MeSH or others?

MeSH was also considered as a good terminology since physicians are used to PubMed. SNOMED was covering the similar terminology but also has multilingual support and ICD9 and ICD10 connections.

Is the MEDTING information secure and private? Is it HIPAA compliance?

MEDTING is a secure community for physicians. 100% Privacy is ensured since no patient data are required and 100% HIPAA complaint because no patient information is needed to create a Case. You may read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

MEDTING Advertising Policy

MEDTING is not funded by advertising model. MEDTING is born with the aim to be sustainable from Collaboration Groups and Enterprise license. There is no publicity at all at MEDTING site however at the case that some publicity is added in the future, MEDTING compromises to put a clear reference to the banner or advertising.

Can you detail the difference between the free services, Collaboration Groups and Enterprise License?

Sure, to know more about pricing, characteristics and options go to Pricing.

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