Services Overview

MEDTING integration & assistance

In MEDTING we are committed with our customers and their satisfaction. Our work is improving constantly our MEDTING product family with new features. But we don’t forget about improving existing ones to enhance the end user experience and meet the day-by-day requirements of our customers. MEDTING integration & assistance
  • Periodic updates including fixes and improvement of our platform and enterprise sites.
  • Flexible roadmap, our clients decide what is included in the next release.
  • We help you with the administration and management of your groups, your enterprise installation, multimedia, etc.
  • Get assistance when you decide to integrate services from MEDTING with your web-sites, mashups, widgets, etc.

Custom MEDTING development and Mashups

When acquiring a MEDTING product you might require some custom functionalities to match all your needs. From integrating with your existing software to incorporate new work-flows or adding custom forms and reports, we can help you to maximize the success of having MEDTING in your IT solutions. Custom MEDTING development and Mashups
  • Look & Feel, customisations, platform branding, etc.
  • Custom development of controls, views, forms, reporting, etc.
  • Mashups to embed MEDTING information and functionalities in your website or intranet.
  • Medical image integration and embedding of MedViewer in your tools.
  • Shared authentication to ensure seamless integration with your web portal.

eHealth – Medicine 2.0 Consultancy

MEDTING and its partners have an extensive experience in eHealth, medical image integration, other health-IT related projects and eLearning solutions. If you are considering to improve your IT solutions and you need some assistance MEDTING is your expert in the matter. We will assist implementing, integrating, improving a service or getting an overview of what is out there. eHealth - Medicine 2.0 Consultancy
  • eHeath collaborative solutions
  • Medical Image/Multimedia integration
  • Web solutions expertise
  • DICOM / PACS expertise
  • SNOMED CT and other medical taxonomies
  • Health eLearning solutions

Web 2.0 Design & Development

Nowadays the internet image of your organization is one of the most important factors to be successful. Your website can improve the satisfaction of your customers, help you to reach new ones, improve your performance and services, etc. At the same time your website should provide a professional look, respect the branding of your organization and show that you are committed with new technologies. For all those and more reasons MEDTING can offer you: Web 2.0 Design & Development
  • Web 2.0 Development using cutting edge technologies
  • Web development consultancy and tailored requirement analysis
  • Professional and exclusive look and feel designs
  • Standards compliance and attention to accessibility and usability
  • Custom Web 2.0 applications development
  • Integration with other Web Services and Mashups

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