MEDTING for International Patient:

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Manage your international / private patients. Track and Exchange Medical Information. Coordinate Care Teams.

Some organizations need to receive or send clinical documentation and images about a patient for an International Patient Exchange. Referral hospital, General Practitioner, Brokers, Patient, Reference Hospital, Doctors, Admission, Finance and Care Team are some of the stakeholders involved in the process. Ensuring a good communication and collaboration is key to reduce costs and ensure good quality of Service.

MEDTING is the perfect tool that facilitates the exchange of clinical cases, ensures good communication, allows a process flow and promotes collaboration. All virtual, all secure and all in the cloud.

Our experience in this field has proven cost savings (ie, first and third visits can be virtual, some tests can be done remote or local), increased service quality (flow traceability) and improved patient satisfaction (family constant update and online follow up of the process).

Second Opinion Companies, Medical Tourism market and Reference Hospital transfer are already using Medting for a global and international process, at a really low cost.

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MEDTING for Healthcare Organizations: (hospitals, clinics, medical universities, research centers, etc.)

Organizations Icon Nowadays for any health organization there are some decisive factors that are required to be handled properly in order to achieve success and guarantee the future viability of the organization. Some of these factors are to maximize the resources, such as the clinicians time, improve communication, reduce miscommunication issues, produce quality educational resources with the day by day practice and internal knowledge, etc. All these factors can be achieved and improved by using new technologies such as MEDTING. Using Web 2.0 technologies and new concepts as collaborative networks, MEDTING can improve your organizations decisive success factors. MEDTING will allow you to organize your tumors committee by sharing the clinical information, the tests results and medical media. You will also be able to follow a defined workflow and receive notifications with any evolution of your cases. Then you can reuse the knowledge generated to train your new specialists. MEDTING will enable your specialists to provide or receive a second opinion (from your reference centers or their offices) to your dependent centers without communication issues. They will have full access to the patients images for the tests and to not waste or scatter your specialists. This will also will provide to you total control and monitoring of the work load and productivity of your specialists and the services provided to your dependent centers. The Medting Viewer can be embedded in third party applications, such as your digital patient record, and be integrated with your PACS and MEDTING, providing full access to the all the studies and multimedia of a patient. These are just few examples of what MEDTING has to offer to your organization, please contact us and check out our reference projects.

MEDTING for Pharma:

Pharma Icon The MEDTING platform provides a social collaboration platform ideal for research groups and learning purposes. The platform also features a powerful web viewer which together with the media capabilities of the platform allows to any user to upload most medical and non medical media elements to be shared and used for documenting clinical cases or learning resources. (Video, images, DICOM, Waveform DICOM, Pathology Slides, PDF, etc.) Other functionalities such as workflow in the clinical cases can help to monitor and follow the evolution of test trials. It’s also useful for elearning services such as submission of diagnostics, management and notifications of the diagnostics. Even the automatic generation and distribution of certifications in PDF makes the platform ideal to cut down costs in adapting existing solutions or create new applications that will not completely meet the expectations of the user and the provider. MEDTING has proved to be very successful and satisfactory for clinicians and healthcare providers. MEDTING provides fully customization of the user interface, look and feel, so the platform can be branded to match the corporative image of the firm. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, references in similar projects or for discussing with us your needs.

MEDTING for Patient Care:

Care Icon MEDTING and our partner LifeWire are experienced solution provider companies for patient care and patient satisfaction. The MEDTING platform is a medical focused collaboration platform that can be used to provide directions, graphical instructions and educational videos to help patients to perform rehabilitation exercises, how to use medication properly and share their doubts and experiences with your medical staff and other users. You can control which information gets published, how your patients interact, retrieve meaningful feedback and measure user satisfaction in a medical and social platform. We can also provide automatic emails, SMS and MMS services to improve care and monitor the patients that you want. Even control drug test trials or patients evolution by asking by SMS or email their current status and results. O Another feature is sending reminders to ensure the success of your program. Besides providing a social human interface for patient care, MEDTING can also be integrated with patient care devices that can send real time readings to the system. By this, those readings can be stored for generating reports or even send alerts (SMS/emails) to the clinicians when the values require an immediate action. These features and much more can be achieved using MEDTING for patient care. Please contact us and find out how MEDTING can help you reducing your patient care costs by automating your services, improve the quality of your care solution and increase your patient satisfaction.

MEDTING for Telemedicine, Second opinion, Image Integration other services:

Telemedicine Icon The telemedicine is nowadays becoming a raising interest for medical organizations. Provide second opinion or a valid diagnostic to rural areas or undeveloped countries is a great challenge that MEDTING has proved to be successful. MEDTING provides tools and mechanisms to be integrated with other systems.  Those services are:  unify medical image, automatic screening of retinographies, create automatic stroke care platforms, integrate with third party solutions to enable medical imaging… and other projects and experiences that makes MEDTING a great partner to solve your telemedicine and second opinion needs. MEDTING and its solution partners, C2C and LifeWire can integrate your medical devices (DICOM and non DICOM) with your PACS/MEDTING, generate SMS notifications for your specialists and your patients, provide a multidisciplinary web viewer to unify your patients multimedia, etc.

MEDTING for e-Learning:

e-Learning Icon MEDTING can be use either to complement your e-learning platform or as an social e-learning solution itself. It is a perfect solution for CME (Continuing Medical Education). A user-tracking system is implemented so a teacher would know what his students have done. The MEDTING role system perfectly fits into the teacher/student scenario in order to minimize the integration costs. The medical students have a set of tools to improve their learning experience: sharing medical cases, MEDVIEWER medical image viewer, notifications and collaboration groups. In these groups they can post queries, share cases, multimedia elementes, PDF’s and many more.

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