Products Overview

A cloud-based collaboration platform allows you to create unlimited private groups to support health system wide or international collaboration. Benefits include:
  • Asynchronous private collaboration on cases
  • Easily share images and medical records securely
  • Embedded zero-footprint high-quality image viewer
  • Customized forms and templates for cases
  • Customized workflows for cases
  • Email notifications for case or private group activity
  • Reporting capabilities and audit trails
  • HIPAA compliant and secure
  • PACS integrations available

MedicalExchange MEDTING

Medical Exchange MEDTING is a web 2.0 platform which allows you to: MedicalExchange MEDTING
  • Create a teaching and academic repository directly from clinical daily activity.
  • Enhance e¬∑learning by integrating multimedia content into your learning experience.
  • Connect doctors, residents and students into a social web platform.
  • Telemedicine: Share cases to obtain second opinions and receive cases to review.
  • Create an educational repository for use in Accreditation and Training Certification.
  • Online Clinical Sessions: Virtual Meetings by using any integrated Video-Conferencing.
  • Global Health thanks to multilingual support, SNOMED CT and PubMed integration.
MedicalExchange MEDTING includes all features of MediaManager and MedViewer.

MediaManager MEDTING

MEDTING MediaManager provides an all in one multimedia solution: MediaManager MEDTING
  • Support for multiple medical and non-friendly web formats. (including pdf,dicom,ecg, etc.)
  • Full DICOM images, DICOM multiframe and DICOM ECGs support.
  • Enables Pathology images to be stored and reviewed through a web interface.
  • Multimedia storage and backup solution.
  • Group and retrieve your multimedia elements by case, patient, study, etc.
  • Web based components can be integrated in your website to upload and manage your media.
  • Improve your web solution using all the MEDTING multimedia capabilities.
MedViewer can be acquired independently or bundled together with MediaManager.


Would you like to use our viewer in your projects? MedViewer features: MedViewer
  • Web based, light-weight and configurable medical Viewer.
  • Embed the viewer in your website to run in film-strip mode or fullscreen mode.
  • Support for images, video, audio, geospatial images, documents, etc.
  • Together with MEDTING Media Manager, supports most health multimedia formats.
  • Tools and filters to compare, measure distance and density, adjust levels, navigate, etc.
  • Review DICOM tags and slide through your medical images.
  • Web optimization and cache techniques to boost productivity.
  • User-friendly user interface, mouse and keyboard event friendly.

CollaborationGroups MEDTING

Your private collaboration space in MEDTING, Collaboration Groups:
  • Create, share and collaborate with your colleages in a private environment.
  • Use powerful features such as the Case Workflow.
  • Reuse the group knowledge in other websites with MEDTING Mashups.
  • Organize your group using news and internal messages.

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