Miguel Cabrer Vice President of eHealth Innovation

Miguel Cabrer is Vice President eHealth Innovation at Best Doctors. Miguel has a Computer Science degree from the Balearic Islands University and he was granted in a Research and Development project for biomedicine projects in U.S.A (Stanford Medical University Center and Emory University). Miguel has been eHealth coordinator of the Balearic Islands and other important roles in the area of health in this region. He has also been member of the HIMSS EMEA Governing Council and member of IMIA, and his current interests include Health 2.0, CME 2.0, to provide tools to share knowledge and improve health care solutions over the internet.

Francisco Grau Team Lead Architect

Francisco Grau is Team Lead Architect at Best Doctors. Francisco holds a Computer Science degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialized in Software engineering and Web Development worked in leading web development agencies in Germany and Ireland for almost 5 years. For some years now, Francisco has led as Chief Technology Officer the MEDTING project, where he dived into the thrilling world of eHeath and its possibilities in today’s health. His passion has only grown stronger through his transition to his current role at Best Doctors, and his breadth of experience and expertise in the design and management of software architecture is exceptional.

Ana Díaz-Tendero Global Client Manager

Alexandra Carrillo Global Client Manager

Michelle Griffin Application Development Manager

Maria Cruz Simón Project Manager & Business Analyst

Alexandre Pérez Senior Backend Developer

Xavier Vila Frontend Developer

Aaron Amengual Frontend Developer

Francisco Maestre Systems Analyst

Paul Tedds Senior Backend Developer

Carlos Rodríguez Backend Developer

Carlos Jauquicoa Backend Developer

Gabriela Sarbu Software/QA Engineer

Chris Boddy Software/QA Engineer

Juan Pedro Software/QA Engineer

Estefanía Ramírez Senior Frontend Developer

Mónica Auzokoa Senior Backend Developer

Hernán Alberti  Office Manager

Kathy MacKinnon Director Physician Engagement

James Cuoco Business Analyst, Product Development

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