Miguel Cabrer Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Miguel Cabrer is CEO and Founder of Medical Exchange MEDTING. Miguel has a Computer Science degree from the Balearic Islands University and he was granted in a Research and Development project for biomedicine projects in U.S.A (Stanford Medical University Center and Emory University). Miguel has been eHealth cordinator of the Balearic Islands and other important roles in the area of health in this region. Nowadays he is member of the HIMSS EMEA Governing Council and member of IMIA and his current interests include Health 2.0, CME 2.0, provide tools to share knowledge and improve heath care solutions over the internet.

Tony Zordich US Business Development Manager

Tony Zordich is US Business Development Manager at MedicalExchange MEDTING. Tony has a BS degree in Human Resource Management from Geneva College, Pennsylvania, USA, and extensive experience in medical imaging modality, digital image acquisition, image management, and hosted service sales. Experienced at first of kind and cutting edge technology launches in the healthcare market, Tony will develop US clinical partnerships and client relations.

Francisco Grau Chief Technology Officer

Francisco Grau is CTO of Medical Exchange MEDTING. Francisco holds a Computer Science degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialized in Software engineering and Web Development worked in leading web development agencies in Germany and Ireland for almost 5 years. For some years now, Francisco has been leading as Chief Technology Officer the MEDTING project, where he has been diving into the thrilling world of eHeath and its possibilities in today’s health.

Marta Ariza Project & Community Manager

Marta Ariza is Project and Community Manager in Medical Exchange MEDTING. She has a HND in Computing Management and she is a certified Scrum Manager and HL7 CDA R2. Marta has been working in Health projects in different companies and locations for more that ten years. Both in public and private sector, Marta has been involved in the evolution of the health systems to the new technologies granting her an invaluable experience in the eHealth sector. Marta now is in charge of integration of MEDTING solutions in important projects, managing the end user feedback, improving services and clients satisfaction.

Álvaro Salvá Project Manager

Álvaro Salvá is senior Project Manager in Medical Exchange MEDTING. He holds an B-eng in Computing IT systems. After working as IT manager, web developer and e-learning system maintenance, he leaded web projects in a web agency in England. He has been a key member of the MEDTING team, working in eHealth environment for two years, gaining expertise in health projects, e-learning and health corporation social web sites.

César Rodríguez Technical Specialist

César Rodríguez is Technical Specialist at Medical Exchange MEDTING. César has a HND in Software Development and has been working as web developer during four years in many international websites and former CTO in an important newspaper in Spain for 3 years. Now he is focused in the eHealth area, contributing with his knowledge in the MEDTING team in projects such as the mEducator or iSA.

Ana Díaz-Tendero Communications & Community Manager

Alberto López Senior Backend Developer

Marc Hortelano Frontend Developer

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