We are pleased to announce the latest update version medting.com.

Thanks user feedback, we performed a series of improvements which we hope to facilitate the use of the tool.

These are the changes for this version:

We have created a new feature in the clinical case. In this one, you can see the activity generated around the case. This is possible by charts, which show the evolution of different actions in a unit of time. Providing better monitor activities in a case.

MEDVIEWER, Medting image viewer, we made ​​improvements to give it greater stability and speed.

Another new feature is the auto-group of images added from the media, this process is automatical because the tool uses the information contained in the DICOM tag.

This new version also includes an application that allows the administrator to generate usage and activity reports of the platform by chart or PDF.

And, as always, we are working on improvements in the design, functionality and better compatibility with Internet Explorer.

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