The Chair of Medical Education Foundation Lilly – UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)  is constituted as a forum of experts in medical education with three fundamental goals: creating knowledge referred to medical education, transmit and apply it. It is committed to include innovative methodologies aimed at defining the clinical skills and competencies to be acquired by the medical student.
Among its business lines include the call for prizes for the best project or work in teaching undergraduate and graduate and / or Training Specialists, organizing discussion forums, book publishing, etc..
For the approach, monitoring and achievement of its aims the Foundation Chair in Medical Education Lilly – UCM, has a Board of Directors and a Joint Monitoring Committee, comprising experts both members of the UCM and the Lilly Foundation.
In order to recognize the efforts to that end, the Chair awards annual prizes for the Best Project Medical Education or Work Degree in Teaching and Best Project or Work in the Teaching of Postgraduate and / or specialist training.
Awards Jury decided to propose as winners of the 2011 edition the following candidates:
Best Project Award or Work in Teaching Degree, the project entitled “CANCER CASE REPORT – VIRTUAL Tumor Committee – Gregorio Maranon,” presented by Prof. Felipe A. Manuel Calvo (Teaching Unit of the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid). The network is based on the Medting platform.
Best Project Award or Work in the Teaching of Postgraduate and / or training of specialists, the project entitled “Multimodal Project POSTGRADUATE TRAINING IN CARDIAC DIAGNOSTIC IMAGE” presented by Prof. Miguel Angel Garcia Fernandez (Spanish Society of Cardiology. Spanish Association of Cardiac Imaging)
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