Communication and collaboration among professionals ranks as the most promising path for near-term transformation. This is the main conclussion of Cisco® IBSG and Princeton Survey Research Associates International survey. More than 100 senior leaders from 16 nations were surveyed.

The report can be acceded here: The Health of Nations: Perspectives from Global Leaders Reveal Untapped Opportunity

To understand how national health leaders view contemporary challenges and opportunities, the Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) strategic consultancy and Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI) surveyed more than 100 senior leaders from 16 nations. Secretaries and ministers of health, along with senior government decision makers responsible for public health, health-sector reform, administration, planning, health economics, research, and quality, shared their opinions through an online survey and in-person interviews. These leaders navigate the crosscurrents
of citizen expectations, demographic trends, and economic realities. They are leaders who set agendas, create budgets, and are best able to drive nationwide reform and innovation.
As a sample see this question which clearly states the need of collaboration and exchange clinical content:

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