MedicalExchange MEDTING is an ideal platform to share unique cases, new procedural techniques, best practices, and collaborate with associates.  MedicalExchange as an educational tool also provides inherent capabilities to support and enhance educational programs, CME 2.0, and accreditation opportunities.

By posting case description and images without diagnostic report, any Hospital, Academy or Medical Education Organization can provide an innovative and collaborative method to train and test their members.

Education and testing options include essay responses by candidate/student to only designated committee member(s) via a private mail box.

Alternatively, traditional multiple choice questions can be answered by candidate/student and graded automatically with results pushed to designated committee member(s), and/or teachers, and results and CME Certificates routed to the student.

Let’s examine an existing Continuing Education example;

SERAM is the Spanish Medical Society for Radiology with about  5,000 members in Spain and more than 12,000 affiliates in South America.  SERAM contracted Medting to develop their website with advanced add-ons.  One of the features is the Medical Education Mash-up.

SERAM posts a Clinical Case including case summary and images, without diagnostic report, into MEDTING and automatically publishes the case in the monthly Radiology magazine through MEDTING Mash-Up (see image):

The MashUp allows MEDTING to publish a case into SERAM Website seamlessly.

SERAM members are able to provide their diagnostic report in the text box associated with the case for evaluation by the Educational Committee.

From this tool the Educational Committee can assign the correct and incorrect ones.

Users that provide a correct answer receive an certificate with credits determined by SERAM.

MEDTING is not an accrediting CME organization but provides a powerful and practical tool for those accredited organizations to initiate and enhance interactive and effective methods of training and testing.

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