The Spanish Radiology Society (SERAM) has inaugurated a new website. All the website has been developed by Medting Team under the coordination of SERAM Team. The website is a new and collaboration oriented platform that allow all SERAM members to have all the news, events, educational programs, access to library, forums and internal email services. It concentrates all content and news that are of the interest of radiologists.

Moreover, the website incorporates some innovative functionalities by integrating some Medting “connectors”.

Last Clinical Case

The last clinical case published from a SERAM member is shown in the home page of Seram. This component allows to have a more dinamic home page by providing updated and clinical content to the users.

 Problem Case for Medical Education

 One of the most remarkable functionalities from the website is the Problem Case. SERAM published a clinical case into Medting that also is printed in the monthly scientific magazine. All SERAM members are invited to provide a diagnostic to the case. The ones providing a correct diagnosis get some credits for SERAM. All the workflow is managed bu Medting and integrated into the SERAM website as a connector.

Some other connectors are now being integrated like the possibility for each member to create his/her own images Atlas.

By the renovation of the website, SERAM consolidates it’s position as the reference website for all spanish radiologists and mostly from south america.

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