Imagine this: you’re eating dinner with your family and suddenly your left arm feels numb. Your speech is slurred. It could be a stroke, so you’ve got to get to the hospital fast. But what if your hospital doesn’t have a stroke specialist or what if that doctor is out of town? The answer may be telemedicine. Doctors at Mayo Clinic are using a telemedicine robot that allows them to be face to face with patients who are miles away.

The GlobalStroke program was formed in mid-2010, and has already made significant impact as an international collaboration network for stroke specialists.

Telemedicine for Stroke is really a growing functionality, the benefits and impact are clear. It has also been one of the Case studies prensented by OCDE titled Achieving Efficiency Improvements in the Health Sector through the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies. OCDE (ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT) is a unique forum where the governments of 30 democracies work together to address the economic, social and environmental challenges of globalisation

The Case Study has been implemnted by the Balearic Islands Health Service. The Balearic health authority (Ib-Salut) has implemented a telestroke programme which has made emergency stroke care available to the far corners of the Balearic Islands. Providing access to life saving care which was previously unavailable [tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)] within the first three hours after onset of symptoms can effectively reduce the risk of death and severe disability).

We have also experience in some other recognised Telestroke projects like the one implemented in Catalonia.

In the next link, you can see an interesting video about Telestroke program at Mayo Clinic. You can also see one fast screen about GlobalStroke innitiative who is also commented at the end of the video:

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