is an International initiative lead by the Director of Stroke Telemedicine for Arizona, Dr. Bart Demaerschalk, a member of the Divisions of Cerebrovascular Diseases and Critical Care Neurology, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic.

The aim of this project is to create the First International Stroke Network which will provide:

• access to a worldwide network of stroke specialists,
• second opinion diagnoses
• knowledge-based platform with clinical cases for research and e-learning purposes

 Creation of the First International Stroke Network for second opinion and knowledge sharing
 The aim is global and ambitious

 GlobalStroke initiative uses Medting Enterprise as a web platform to concentrate all the medical cases and images related to stroke cases

 Web-based medical image repository
 One-click image capture and upload
 Automatic deletion of patient personal data
 Instantaneous multi-language translation
 Integrated DICOM image viewer
 Video player
 SNOMED tag system for classification of contents
 Content search engine
 Easy display of cases in external sites and blogs via code-based connectors

 Second-opinion workflow optimization
 Website integration, personalization, white label
 Information security
 Patient privacy

GlobalStroke has incorporated MEDTING Enterprise. MEDTING provides a powerful Web-based clinical multimedia management platform and second opinion collaboration network.

See Case Study:



The project was presented during the eHealth Week and World of Health IT Conference in Barcelona in March 2010. See Dr. Demaerschalk presenting the innitiative:




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