To provide Web-based diagnostic and/or therapeutic support (in infectious diseases and children/adult oncology) to hospitals located in emerging countries for helping them to access reference specialists.

 Hospital Universitario Son Dureta – Spain
 Instituto Valenciano de Oncología – Spain
 Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron – Spain
 Hospital Sant Joan de Déu – Spain
 Hospital Regional de Bata – Equatorial G.
 ONG Desarrollo 2000 en África – Equatorial G.
 Hospital Regional Docente de Trujillo – Peru
 Instituto Nacional de Cancerología – Mexico
 Saint John of God Hospital – S. Leone
 CMF International – Kenya
 Kenyatta National Hospital – Kenya
 University of Nairobi – Kenya
 C2C Consultoría TSIS, S.L. – Spain

Funding Program
 7th Framework Programme of European Union
 Budget: 790,000 €
 Duration: 30 months

MIO Software (image capture and upload)
MEDTING (clinical case exchange platform)

The iSA project will establish a collaborative model where doctors can provide second opinion to improve quality of care

This is an EU funded Project and an EU-funded international support action that seeks to provide Web-based diagnostic and therapeutic support in infectious diseases and children/adult oncology, to hospitals located in emerging communities of Africa and South America.

The iSA cooperation network is led by health professionals from Son Dureta hospital (Malllorca, Spain) in collaboration with doctors of Vall d’Hebron, Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona and the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (Spain).

iSA has been designed to provide clinical support for infectious diseases and for children/adult oncology cases. One of the main goals of the 30-month project is to set up a second opinion platform that enables remote doctors to share medical content around a patient and improve the diagnostic quality.

The iSA website uses MEDTING to communicate among doctors from different sites and as a platform to exchange medical images and clinical cases. Mobile access to information is also provided for remote areas where no internet connection is possible.

The projects implements Medting Second Opinion

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