Spanish sarcoma expert group COTMES has recently launched its new Website incorporating an innovative Web 2.0 tool for medical image exchange.

COTMES has incorporated MEDTING Enterprise in order to build a powerful Web-based clinical image management platform integrated in the group’s Web site.

With MEDTING every doctor of the committee is able to upload large volumes of clinical images and cases in an automated way. The solution uses MIO (Medical Images Organizer), which automates the capture and upload of images generated by any medical imaging device (including MRI, CT scanners, digital cameras, etc).

The MEDTING Enterprise platform integrated into COTMES website allows doctors to maintain constant communication facilitating the exchange of the clinical cases to be reviewed every week. The system has also opens the possibility to easily share videos and provide second-opinion services to hospitals throughout Spain and beyond.

Project Summary

 To facilitate Web-based communication among the members of the committee
 To enable the storage, visualization and exchange of clinical cases including the sharing of medical images with external hospitals


 COTMES Web site integrates MIO and MEDTING technology to automate the upload, visualization and exchange of clinical cases.

 Web-based medical image repository
 One-click image capture and upload
 Automatic deletion of patient personal data
 Instantaneous multi-language translation
 Integrated DICOM image viewer
 Video player
 SNOMED tag system for classification of contents
 Content search engine
 Easy display of cases in external sites and blogs via code-based connectors

 Unlimited image storage space independent of hospital infrastructure
 Second-opinion workflow optimization
 Website integration
 Information security
 Patient privacy

COTMES is composed of a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiotherapists, rehabilitators, and medical oncologists specialized in Sarcoma management.

Since 1996 COTMES holds weekly meetings for the multidisciplinary management of patients with limb and trunk soft tissue tumours, primary and metastatic bone and reperitoneum tumours and, in general, of all sarcomas. The incorporation of microsurgery, the experience in vascular prostheses and the high qualification of its surgical team give COTMES a privileged position to offer limb conservation surgery of excellent quality.

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The project implements Medting Workgroup.

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