The Power of Collective Wisdom

Medical Societies, Associations, Clinical and Research Workgroups traditionally develop websites as a reference place for members. Some of them incorporate a wiki or blog technology.

MEDTING Platform can be easily integrated into any website and allow a group of users to build a powerful clinical data repository that can provide great benefit to the taskforce. The storage of these images and videos coupled with case comments offers clinical professionals very valuable educational and reference tools that can positively impact the quality of patient care.

MEDTING functionality and content can be smoothly integrated into any website as a white label platform.
Medical societies, workgroups, research network can benefit their website through MEDTING.

Easy and automated exchange of medical content can be done privately, globally and immediately.
Clinical or research groups can also use the MEDTING technology and connectors to create customized content focused on one particular disease process.

Medting is also integrated with PubMed. When reviewing a clinical case or resource (image or video) with keywords assigned, Medting performs a search on Pubmed citations. An example of the results of such a search are shown in the accompanying graphic.

MEDTING organizes content by using standard terminologies like SNOMED and also integrates MeSH.

MEDTING is a web based social community for physicians. Cases, images, and videos are evaluated by MEDTING users leading to further case commentary and sharing with others.

Clinical sites that discuss clinical topics or illnesses can link to medical content posted on MEDTING, providing meaningful content on their website.

MEDTING Enterprise also allows any organization to own and have their own private platform for exclusively use of the members.

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