Improving healthcare outcomes

Doctors regularly collaborate with one another on the diagnosis and treatment of complex cases. Leveraging the expertise of colleague physicians gives you the ability to tap into the knowledge of a multidisciplinary group of experts whether inside or outside your own medical facility.

Easily sharing such cases with a worldwide group of physician experts through the internet offers a higher probability of the case being reviewed by a greater number of consultants. This potentially offers better clinical outcomes by enhancing the quality of the clinical service and increasing patient safety.

Furthermore, hospitals can utilize MEDTING to create new business opportunities. Second opinion services, telemedicine or excellence expertise networks can be established by utilizing the web based MEDTING technology.

Medical Pictures, Videos and Cases Exchange

MEDTING is an internet website for collaboration on clinical cases, through a convenient way to upload and share medical images, videos, and associated case information.

Cases can be designated public – shared with all MEDTING users, or private, invited viewers only. As MEDTING provides services only for the purposes noted above, patient identifying data is prohibited from MEDTING uploads and related discussions. Private content is useful for telemedicine and second opinion services.

Private content is useful for telemedicine and second opinion services.

The translation capability facilitates the conversation among physicians who speak different languages.

A group of hospitals can use MEDTING as a telemedicine tool. MEDTING helps healthcare organizations and hospitals share images easily and privately.

Don’t lose the opportunity, meet MEDTING.

Worldwide medical discussion without language and distance barriers can be achieved. Second opinions can be easily run and set up. Visionaries and innovators are already working on it.

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