Improve medical education and quality of care. Create your organization relevant clinical cases and teaching repository for your medical community (clinicians, students, residents)

You like Medting but want

  • complete control over your own and private MEDTING
  • content published only for your physicians
  • images uploaded from your PACS
  • creation of a private teaching repository
  • connect your doctors, students, even patients privately

Any Healthcare Organization, Medical Center or Hospital can create their own private repository of clinical cases, medical images and videos.

Clinical Transformation, Knowledge Management and Transfer Using Social Networking 


Most academic, research, university medical centers have commonalities: clinical innovators, worldwide leaders, reference hospitals with a big and diverse user community of physicians, residents, students and researchers.

Access to social networking can bring new ways for the medical community to build relationships within the organization.

By creating a medical community that shares cases, allows comments and promotes collaboration, MEDTING facilitates the exchange of medical knowledge among all medical professionals. The collective intelligence of such a broad community exceeds the capabilities on any individual member. MEDTING seeks to positively impact health knowledge management and quality of care by offering the benefits of its software and services.



Create your teaching repository from your own clinical daily activity


MEDTING is a perfect platform to create a teaching repository automatically from a PACS system or departmental solution. Any PACS system can be integrated with any relevant case detected and sent to MEDTING.
The medical content can be sent directly from the medical device (CT, MRI, Hemodynamic, EKG, Microscope, Endoscope, Photo Camera, etc.).

Sample case study: University Hospital of Heidelberg socializes medical training and collaboration through MEDTING

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