In the scope of the the Mobile World Congress 2009 Cisco and Intel have organised a private tradeshow about how technology could be applied for healthcare.

The demo was about showing a real medical workflow and how a combination of technology can help to provide good quality healthcare service to remote areas. See the video:

The partners in the demo and applied technology were:

  • Cisco: providing WiMax and Call Manager
  • Intel: MCA (Mobile Clínical Assistance)
  • Map of Medicine: clinical workflow and pathways tools
  • C2C: Medical Images Organiser (MIO) as dicomizer and MIO Alert Manager as Call Manager API for medicine
  • Medting: global and free exchange platform for telemedicine and medical knowledgement acces

The attendees were invited people from several companies worldwide. Companies interested in offering services through communications. It was really interesting event were lots of dicussion came on the table. The value of bringing a free platform like Medting into in developing nations for medical education, rural health access, telemedicine and mobile health perfectly fits with the Intel World Ahead Program. WiMax also is going to bring a poweful way to establish and communicate. The technology is there, the big ones and pushing such and innitiatives; so the future will come soon.

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2 Responses to Medting at MWC 2009 with Intel and Cisco

  1. ciscogiii says:

    Fantastic work, I look forward to seeing this progress =)


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