Webicina is a privately held company aiming to build a bridge between physicians, medical professionals, and patients through the use of web 2.0 technology. The visionary Health 2.0 guru and expert, Bertalan Meskó, founded Webicina after realizing patients are embracing web services faster than physicians and medical care providers.

With personalized Medicine 2.0 Packages, step-by-step tutorials, webinars and online image building solutions, Webicina was designed to help physicians from all medical specialties and patients utilize  the web 2.0 based world to improve information exchange.

From the onset of this initiative, Medting, LTD has supported the Webicina project.   The need to train doctors, medical care providers, and patients about the internet and web 2.0 technology is a challenging issue.   Medting has provided leadership with unique solutions and services to meet the adoption challenges with easy to use and powerful applications unmatched in the industry.

Medting is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Webicina and will be one of the integrated services featured in  Webicina packages.

If you are a doctor, medical professional, healthcare provider or patient interested in learning how web 2.0 can bring value to health care, visit www.webicina.com and request a training package.

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