Why is Medting different from using Flickr or Youtube?

We are an specialized platform for doctors, we know clinical workflows and medical environment. Let’s remark some of the functionalities of Medting that would have to be more remarkable:

1. Selecting content by medical specialty, subspecialty. Cases and images can be filtered by specialties, (user has to loging to be allowed to filter content) See more

2. PubMed related articles, when reviwing a clinical case or image with Keywords, a PubMed search is sent to recover the latest articles published related to that case. Very useful for clinicans. See more

3. Multilanguage translation: both the keywords, the text and the comments can be automatically translated to several languages (english, spanish, german, russian, arabic, chinese, etc.). Use the box on the left when reviwing a case. Doctors speaking only their local languages can have a conversation and auto-translate the messages. See more

4. Private use of Medting. User can create private cases, images and videos. Private content can only be reviewed by intivation from the author. This makes Medting a great tool for Telemedicine. See more

5. Medting allows to open images with a professional PACS Viewer diagnosis. See more

6. Zoom tools to review the image. See more

7. 3D Images view. (to activate this functionality please read here).

8. Medting Enterprise Partnership also allows Virtual Online Clinical Sessions and some more interesting functionalities.
9. Medting also allows to upload content directly from Medical Devices. Thanks to a technology called MIO from C2C. See details here…

10. Medting works with DICOM Images.

11. Medting is a expert tool for clinicians, only by registering and login you will really get know about the experience.

12. Connectors: Medting provides intersting Medical viewers to be used in any other website. See a sample here

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  1. drneelesh says:

    Medting is an extremely useful service for telepathological consultations. I have reviewed it on my blog here.

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