USP Hospitals has signed a partnership agreement with Medting. The agreement will allow the 43 medical centers of the Group to use Medting to share medical information.

USP Hospitals will provide a platform to its professionals for the exchange of medical information that will allow:

• share content among physicians with common interests
• exchanging medical second opinions and contrast diagnoses
• provide training materials for continuing education, classes, clinics, presentations, etc..

Regarding issues related to data protection, the platform does not handle personal data of patients so that compliance with the legal aspects is guaranteed.
About USP Hospitals

USP Hospitals Group is an organization which currently has 43 health centers in Spain, Portugal and presence in Morocco. Founded in 1998 by Gabriel Masfurroll, President and CEO, the company has 2,500 physicians and 3,500 employees and serves more than one and a half million patients annually.
25% of the capital of USP Hospital is in the hands of the management team led by Gabriel Masfurroll who also have given a 1% shareholding USP Alex Foundation. The remaining 65% was acquired in July 2007 by the British fund Cinven, one of the most important in Europe.

Since its founding, the group has developed an active policy of investments amounting to 290 million euros and has closed the last financial year 2006 a turnover of € 246.7 million and a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of € 37.2 million. The forecast turnover for 2007 is € 280.7 million, with a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of € 47.0 million.

About Medting
Medting born with the vision of providing a platform for exchange of clinical cases, medical images and videos, so that doctors can use for free to get a second opinion, post an important event and look about illness and / or procedures specific.

Medting is a private and safe community of doctors. Only registered physicians may introduce or comment on cases. The contents are partners and are the property of the doctor author. Medting does not allow the introduction of personal data of patients in the event, remaining at all times the privacy of it. In addition, it allows the creation of private cases enabling processes asynchronous telemedicine among physicians.

The technology platform is specifically designed for professional use and very powerful technology components with high visibility .. Medting uses SNOMED CT terminology to structure and index the clinical cases, is integrated with PubMed and Medline, allows the realization of remote clinical sessions online, multi-language translation done automatically and provides sights of specialized images that can be used from Web pages external.

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