Medting is developing an innovative advertising scheme that would serve to sustain the website but could also benefit non-profit organizations by providing a source of funding.

Very basically described, we are thinking in putting advertising (an sponsor logo) for each image or clinical case. The sponsorship income is going to be co-shared between Medting and the owner of the case / image.

Our difference is that the Doctor is going to select the advertising company he wants to show. That means that the doctor can directly arrange with any sponsor for putting images or cases in Medting. Medting would take a fee from that posting.

There is also another scenario more for the non-Profit organizations. A doctor can post a case and say that he wants to collaborate with a Non-Profit Program or Institution. In that case Medting or the Institution will select the advertising company. It’s a way where Non profit institutions may get some funding for their innitiatives, humanitarian help or research activities. Also the sponsor could be the Foundation or Association to get the interest of searching patients.

These are new revenue models we are thinking. The win-win relationship and the possibility to help for the global health innitiatives development is quite exciting for Medting Team.

Before moving forward with this idea we would like to get the input from our community and see how this could be preceived. We now adversiting in healthcare is a delicated topic but doing it in a relationship where all the involved agents win is definetly something for all to consider. Moreover where the real winner is healthcare since the more knowledgement we interchange the faster we get medical advances.

Please include your comments for our discussion.

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2 Responses to Medting win-win funding model: give us your feedback

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  2. Tony Z says:

    The out of the box thinking of the MEDTING team, while always looking to help others is really inspiring.


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