The Widget is a desktop tool that you can install and get from the home page. It makes easier to the users to upload images and videos to MEDTING. The Widget is useful when the user wants to upload images but don’t want to open a web browser because of several reasons. For example, if you are with a patient doing a process and need the computer for other reasons you may not want to open MEDTING. The widget allows you easily to get images and send to MEDTING without the need of opening a browser.

The Snapshot utility is an amazing functionality that will allow you to make a snapshot of any screen and send as image to the widget. If you are with a patient and using a third party application (for video capturing, PACS Viewer, Medical Record, etc.) you can use the widget to make a photo of the screen and send that content to the widget. Easy and simple!

The widget required Yahoo Widget Engine to be installed and also Windows .NET Framework for the Snapshot Utility.

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