We are just reviewing MEDTING with some known physicians and first impressions and inputs are really positive which give us energy for the firsts steps.

Here there is the first comment: “MEDTING site is a great idea to rapidly share case reports and videos from e.g. surgery between doctors and other groups within health care. The publication delay is avoided which may be up to 1 year for some medical journals. Also, some studies are rejected by the strict rules of journals and may never be published and lost for others to read. All new findings may thus be accessible to other doctors immediately. Another advantage is the video application. To my knowledge, this is a new thing and would be of great educational value. The site is perfect to quickly enter and obtain information about a given condition just encountered in the clinic. The main concern of doctors will probably be that the reporting on MEDTING is not filtered through the reviewing process of other objective doctors and the reliability may be questioned. This is however also the main advantage of the site, and this site is needed when doing a comprehensive search of the literature. The name is easy to remember and the site is easy to navigate on. It would be good if everything, if possible, could be in English. Since doctors, at least in Denmark, tend to be quite conservative a lot of advertising will be needed. Everyone uses the Pubmed.com regularly. New sites may have a hard time. “

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